Barbara “My work is an attempt to express a personal, often sacred, relationship with the natural world while inquiring into the ways of humans and the interface where the two meet.”

With a degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Art from Rutgers University, my heart has always belonged to both nature and creative expression.  Early in my career, I moved on from the Forest and Park Services to art administration and education, all along still indulging my creative vein through ceramics and jewelry-making. After returning from a six-week sojourn to Japan in 2010 with over 3500 photos, I decided to pursue photography and digital art as a primary medium of expression.

Now, as I hike, ski, paddle and peddle through nature’s landscapes, what my camera sees and what I experience are often different.  I seek to reconcile that difference through digital editing. An instructor of Photoshop at Sierra College, the Placer School for Adults, and the new Connected Communities Academy in located in the Green Screen Institute in Nevada City, I have over 20 years of working with the program both professionally and for personal work. With a passion for organic textures and forms that borders on obsession, I am grateful that the computer allows me to use nature’s textures as my palette.

All work for sale. Contact me for sizes and pricing.